Aero Spray changes name to Dauntless Air

With a commitment to accelerate the industry´s transformation to a modernized approach to aerial firefighting, Aero Spray Inc., the US operator of AT-802F Fire Boss aircraft, has rebranded as Dauntless Air, the company said.

The company also has announced the expansion of its fleet and the recent naming of a new CEO, Brett L´Esperance.

Dauntless Air now owns and operates 11 Fire Boss and one wheeled AT-802F aircraft, which feature the latest in firefighting technology, including onboard thermal imaging units and gel blending systems, and serve as early strike tools for containing wildfires.

Dauntless Air is an aerial firefighting company deeply dedicated to protecting people, land and property from the devastation of wildfires. The company works to give firefighters the support they need to put out fires faster and at a substantially lower cost than traditional tanker methods. Armed with the country´s largest and most advanced Fire Boss fleet featuring the very latest in firefighting technology, Dauntless is resolute in its commitment to safety, to its customers and to winning the wildfire missions it undertakes. Learn more at