Aerkomm collaborates with satellite operator Telesat

Aerkomm Inc. (Euronext Paris: AKOM) (OTCQX: AKOM) has announced Aircom Pacific, Inc., its wholly owned subsidiary has entered into a cooperation agreement with Telesat Leo Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Telesat Canada, the company said.

Telesat is a satellite operator providing critical connectivity solutions that tackle the complex communications challenges.

Through this agreement, Aircom and Telesat will jointly collaborate to develop a test program for the Telesat low-Earth-orbit (LEO) Network, Telesat´s network of low-earth orbit satellites for aircraft connectivity, to assess the technical and commercial viability of incorporating the Telesat LEO Network capacity into Aircom´s portfolio and network.

Aircom and Telesat will collaborate in both technical and commercial activity. The two parties´ technical collaboration includes testing network performance, leveraging Telesat´s Phase 1 LEO satellite which has been in polar orbit since 2018, ensuring compatibility with existing Aircom solutions and future user terminal solutions, and end-to-end implementation within regulatory guidelines.

Commercial collaboration will include optimizing business and operating models, joint presentations and information sessions with key customers and partners, and exploring a long-term joint development plan.

Aerkomm Inc. is a development stage service provider of In-Flight Entertainment and Connectivity solutions for the airline industry, operating through its wholly owned subsidiary, Aircom Pacific, Inc.