Aerion Supersonic partners with Jetex to deliver luxury travel experience

Aerion Supersonic has announced it is partnering with Jetex to align the companies in redefining delivering a seamless ultra-luxury travel experience for customers and finding solutions to the adoption of synthetic fuels, the company said.

Aerion´s AS2 supersonic business jet aims craft a truly memorable, ultra-luxury travel experience that fully integrates with our customers´ needs and lifestyles.

As a preferred partner, Jetex will collaborate with Aerion to provide personalized travel arrangements for Aerion´s AS2 business jet customers at its private terminals. The partnership will ensure that the passengers traveling around the world at supersonic speeds in the air also enjoy a seamless and most comfortable experience on the ground. Additionally, the two companies will collaborate on research in a united effort to usher in broader adoption of synthetic aviation fuels.