Aerion lays out vision for supersonic AS2 business jet

Nevada-based aircraft manufacturer Aerion has announced its vision for its AS2 jet, offering clean-energy supersonic and hypersonic flight, the company said.

Aerion Supersonic, the leader in supersonic technology, today announced that it has begun initial concept development for the first in a family of rapidly developed high altitude supercruise aircraft for the US Defense market.

Aerion will apply its aircraft design expertise, and digital design capabilities to provide solutions to the first supersonic business aircraft, which can supercruise for 4,200nm at Mach 1.4 with a large payload at an altitude of 57,000 feet.

Aerion Corporation is pioneering a new generation of high-speed mobility solutions that reduce the time and friction of travel while leaving no carbon footprint behind. The Mach 1.4 AS2 business jet is scheduled to begin flight testing in 2024.