Aerion adds Boeing exec to board of directors

Aerion has announced changes to the five-member board of directors, to represent the interests of the company´s major shareholders, the company said.

Edward Neveril, Senior Director of Enterprise Corporate Development at The Boeing Company has joined the Aerion board of directors. Neveril succeeds Ken Shaw, who joined the Aerion board in February 2019 and recently retired from The Boeing Company.

Neveril has been with The Boeing Company for over 11 years. He currently serves as Senior Director of Enterprise Corporate Development. His primary responsibilities in this role include joint ventures, public company acquisitions and other complex strategic transactions.

Boeing and Aerion are united in a long-term partnership with the common goal of leading the safe and responsible introduction of new mobility ecosystems. Boeing made a significant investment in Aerion in early 2019 to accelerate technology development and aircraft design to unlock the potential of supersonic air travel for new markets.

Ed joins Mike Sinnett, Vice President and General Manager of Product Development, Boeing Commercial Airplanes; Bryan Barrett, Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, Keystone Group, L.P. and Paul Adams, Former President, Pratt & Whitney, along with Tom Vice on Aerion´s board of directors.

Aerion Corporation is founded on a core belief of bringing humanity closer. The company´s vision is a future where humanity can travel between any two points on our planet within three hours using new transportation networks — powered by clean energy solutions and enabling a world where distance is no longer a barrier.