AEE Aviation Technology introduces new 4k action camera

AEE Aviation Technology Inc., a global provider of electric aviation and camera technology, has announced the launch of AEE Mokacamâ„¢, the smallest 4K action camera in the world, perfect for photographic documentation of events in motion where precision yet ultra-lightweight cameras can make a real difference such as hiking, biking, climbing, skydiving, athletics, and travel, the company said.

AEE Mokacam is two cameras in one. It packs ultra-high definition imaging technology into a tiny action camera capable of recording video while also taking amazing still pictures.

AEE Mokacam´s features include a 16-megapixel sensor, 4k video shooting at 30fps, a Sony sensor with industry Ambrella SOC swappable magnetic batteries, precision shutter control, software stabilization, and motion detection.

The camera also features a high-resolution microphone capable of capturing clear quality audio. Simple and easy to operate, the Mokacam has just two buttons. These include power and function, and it packs tons of quality for excellence in visual documentation.

Adding to its innovation and uniqueness, AEE Mokacam includes an ingenious magnetic battery. This not only supplies additional power for extra-long continuous shooting, but doubles as a way to attach the camera to metallic objects such as street signs, a refrigerator, or your bike handle bars, for a convenient camera tripod while when on-the-go.

Plus, included in the box with the AEE Mokacam is a water proof camera “housing” that is rated to 120 feet.

AEE Aviation Technology Inc. has been a provider of developing and manufacturing professional, advanced and reliable recording equipment since 1999. This includes UAV drone systems, action cameras such as the MagicCam and police recording equipment. A pioneer in combining wireless audio and video transmission as well as image and processing and intelligent control technologies, AEE products are proudly distributed worldwide in over 55 countries and regions across major retail chain outlets. AEE Aviation Technology Inc. is based in Shenzhen, China with offices in Munich, Germany and Walnut, Calif.