ADVEEZ completes 3rd installation of airport GSE speed control system

Adveez has announced completion of its third airport Ground Support Equipment (GSE) Speed Control System (SCS) installation at Lyon Airport (LYS) in France, following the celebrated success of similar systems currently adopted by Nice (NCE) and Marseille (MRS) airports, the company said.

The Adveez GSE SCS solves the wide-spread issue airports face of reducing speed in baggage drop-off galleries, tunnels and other areas within airports with low speed requirements. Adveez has developed a cost-effective speed control system for electric GSEs that immediately reduces the speed of a GSE via radio frequency (RF) detection.

The system consists of a simple receiver installed on individual GSEs and RF beacons that are strategically located before speed-restricted areas like the entrance of baggage drop-off galleries; when the GSE is detected, its speed is automatically switched to slow or “turtle” mode. A second beacon is placed at the exit of the speed-restricted area to automatically switch the speed of the GSE back to “normal” mode.

Airport managers and GSE operators (airlines and GSE handlers) are realizing immediate benefits with a significant reduction in accidents and reduced cost for repairs and fines. In some cases, invasive speed-reduction methods like speed bumps have been removed entirely; these not only caused excessive wear on vehicles and trailers, but luggage would be knocked off carts causing additional delays in delivery.

Adveez designs and manufactures data capture and hands-free access control hardware and software used in asset tracking and security, worker/resident safety and commercial security. It is headquartered in Toulouse, France, with operating offices in Phoenix, Arizona. For more information, visit