Advanced Technologies In Pest Control

Pests have proven to be extremely dangerous and hazardous for people as well as their residents. It is best if the problem is identified in earlier stages and dealt with accordingly. Getting rid of pests that have already infested the house and preventing them from infesting the house again should be given priority as per the situation.

It is best to call professional pest control services in London at the first indication of pest infestation. These individuals are experts in dealing with, controlling, eliminating and preventing the existence of pests in the buildings or households. Their expertise and experience are the best possible solutions for getting rid of pests.

Technology has played a major role in pest control as well. The chemical pesticides, gas treatments, devices and equipment, repellents, traps and numerous other objects that aid in pest control have been created, innovated, modified and made adaptable to different situations and conditions have all been made available due to advancements in technology and sciences.

In the present, technology grows and advances everyday. It is not very surprising that these advancements affect and influence pest control methods too. And it can also be not very surprising that people generally are completely unaware and uninformed about them. Here are some of the major recent technological advancements that have affected pest control services –

  • Internet of Things – The Internet of Things or IoT is the interconnection of computing devices, machines and people through the internet. The ‘smart technology’ instilled in these devices and machines have tremendously benefited pest control techniques and services. Many advanced pest control machines like traps like automated insect monitoring devices (AIM), pheromone sensing, camera enabled traps, thermal imaging technology etc run through IoT.
  • Non-toxic heat treatments – Heat has always been an effective treatment for pest infestation. The correct temperature and amount of heat can be very efficient for getting rid of pests. Modern day heat treatments have made this possible. These treatments use the heat generated by infrared rays to get rid of pests. Another advantage of this treatment is that it avoids the chance of pests developing resilience, as in the case with chemicals.
  • Fly lights – Fly lights are another traditional treatment modified through technology technique. Fly lights have been used to repel pests for a long time. But today, they are decorated, designed and styled so that they remain effective and efficient as well as suitable for the interior of the house. This technology is continuously being developed and enhanced to increase its effectiveness and designs.
  • Radiation – Radiation is another important innovation in pest control techniques. It is, in fact, the best method of preventing and getting rid of pests in any location. Pests are more harmful when they start reproducing and thus increasing in number. Radiation helps to prevent this. This method sterilizes all the pests that might have infested the building when they are in their larva stage. While a bit more complicated than other methods, it is equally if not more effective.