Advanced ICU Care opens Honolulu operations center

Advanced ICU Care has opened its fifth dedicated care operations center, the company said.

The new center in Honolulu joins existing care centers in New York City, St. Louis, Houston, Charleston (South Carolina), and Irvine (California). These operations centers house intensivist-led care teams that include advanced practitioners and nurses, who are connected in real-time to more than 65 client hospitals across 22 states, providing continuous care to more than 55,000 critically ill patients each year.

Advanced ICU Care is the only US tele-ICU provider to leverage a multi-hub operations model, using proprietary technology to enable remote patient care regardless of the care team members´ locations. This capability enables Advanced ICU Care to provide service redundancy and attract leading critical care clinicians to provide 24-hour, 365-days-a-year tele-ICU care to its client hospitals.

Advanced ICU Care´s tele-ICU service results in enhanced clinical and operational outcomes. In 2015, the company collaborated with its client partners to reduce the ICU mortality rate among patients by 34 percent, saving almost 1,500 lives relative to projections. The Advanced ICU Care model also reduced the average stay of an ICU patient by 1 full day, reduced the impact of sepsis, and improved compliance with best-in-class care standards, such as glucose and ventilation management.

Advanced ICU Care provides high acuity telehealth services, serving more than 65 hospitals in over 22 states on a 24 x 7 x 365 basis.