Adtile uses motion sensor technology to create 3D art with iPhone

Adtile Technologies said it has created the air pencil, a lightweight web app that makes it possible to capture free-form motion with an iPhone.

Adtile´s Air Pencil was inspired by Picasso´s electric light used in Gjon Mili´s legendary photograph series featured in LIFE Magazine in 1949. While Picasso and Mili´s light paintings were in 2D, the Air Pencil lets users capture motion in 3D, as lines, curves, and shapes. This allows users to move through and explore their creations in ways never imagined possible during Picasso´s life.

“I created the Air Pencil because I wanted to go back in time and recreate the flashlight and camera technique with an iPhone and see what kind of art could be created,” said Nils Forsblom, founder of Adtile Technologies. “At a basic intrinsic level, art inspires technical innovation–the two are inextricably combined. That is why I believe art is just the first of many ways the Air Pencil will inspire people.”

The Air Pencil is the latest evolution of Adtile´s motion technology that started with its award-winning Motion Ads and Mobile VR, the company´s patent pending software to create VR environments on iPhones without additional headgear or hardware.

Located in San Diego, California, Adtile is a pioneer and developer of motion-sensing technology for smartphones and tablets.