ADRF launches 600 MHz compliant low PIM 4.3-10 passive components

Advanced RF Technologies, Inc. (ADRF), the largest pure-play in-building Distributed Antenna System (DAS) provider for public safety and commercial radio frequencies, has released its new line of low PIM 4.3-10 passive components, supporting frequencies ranging from 578MHz to 2700MHz, to help wireless carriers increase RF density, improving networking capacity for every customers´ Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) installation and upgrades, the company said.

4.3-10 passive components are a dramatic improvement to previous generations, most notably for the ability to mitigate passive intermodulation (PIM), which degrades quality of the wireless communication system, while featuring a compact form factor and supporting high levels of radio frequency (RF) power. Additionally, the components reduce tower load and costs, and are more compact than the widely used 7-16 DIN connector.

Established in 1999 in Burbank, CA, Advanced RF Technologies, Inc. (“ADRF”) is the provider of in-building wireless solutions that ensure reliable connectivity in venues of any size, shape and location.