Adelman Travel inks deal with Rocketrip

Adelman Travel, a top ten corporate travel management firm, has announced a partnership with Rocketrip, a technology platform for reducing corporate travel costs, the company said.

Through this partnership Adelman will be able to enhance spend-reduction programs for their clients with Rocketrip´s Incentivized Behavioral Change solution.

Rocketrip reduces a company´s travel costs by providing a customized Budget to Beat for each employee before their trip. Employees make their travel plans using cost-effective options and keep half of the savings when their trip comes in under budget. Adopting Rocketrip into an existing program is seamless and requires no change to existing travel management workflows or online booking tool providers.

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Rocketrip reduces business travel costs by aligning employee and employer interests. The platform produces custom trip budgets for employees and motivates them to spend less by letting them keep half of what they save.