AdaptiveMobile Launches Global Signaling Intelligence and Security Analytics Service

AdaptiveMobile, the world provider of mobile network security, has publicly launched SIGIL, the world´s first global signalling intelligence and analytics cloud service, the company said.

Through application of advanced machine-learning algorithms on suspicious signalling data, the company´s new service offering will enable mobile operators worldwide to maximise the effectiveness of existing defences against signalling attacks from sophisticated adversaries.

Research by AdaptiveMobile has revealed increasing levels of sophistication in attacks hitting mobile networks. While operators are implementing industry-recommended defences to protect critical communications infrastructure, attackers are adapting and signalling infrastructure continues to be compromised.

SIGIL is a security service that can be layered on top of any SS7 firewall to benefit from an AdaptiveMobile-led community effort to best protect subscribers. Its proprietary algorithms were built on the pioneering signalling research conducted by the company´s world-leading Threat Intelligence Unit.