AdaptiveMobile detects sophisticated attacks on signalling networks

AdaptiveMobile Security, the world provider of mobile network security, has announced it has detected increasingly sophisticated attacks via the next generation of signalling protocols being used for 4G, the company said.

In new research released at Mobile World Congress 2018, AdaptiveMobile presented the industry´s first ever overview of real-life attacks launched over the Diameter protocol.

To acquire these insights, the company performed analysis of international Diameter traffic from ten operators´ networks worldwide and found suspicious activity within them. The research conducted analysed Diameter traffic travelling to and from more than 80 countries across five continents and detected a range of malicious activity, from simple to complex, over Diameter networks, affecting both mobile subscribers and mobile networks.

AdaptiveMobile has been working with operator networks around the globe to analyse their SS7 network data since launching its Signalling Protection in 2015. The Diameter protocol is the next-generation in signalling networks and as service providers roll out IP-based LTE networks — which present an evolved threat landscape — there is a growing demand for broader signalling protection on both SS7 and Diameter networks.

AdaptiveMobile Security is the world provider of mobile network security, protecting over 1.7 billion subscribers worldwide, and the only mobile security company offering products designed to protect all services on both fixed and mobile networks through in-network and cloud solutions. With deep expertise and a unique focus on network-to-handset security, AdaptiveMobile´s award-winning security solutions provide its customers with advanced threat detection and actionable intelligence, combined with the most comprehensive security products on the market today.