Adams County, Colorado to use Clear Ballot voting system

Clear Ballot, in partnership with the Adams County Clerk and Recorder´s Office, said it will be piloting its ClearVote voting system Monday, November 2.

The system has been certified for use in the evaluation process for Colorado´s Uniform Voting System, an ongoing project that the Secretary of State´s office began in 2014. Clear Ballot´s ClearVote certification was the result of an extensive and successful testing campaign at Pro V&V, a federally accredited voting systems test laboratory.

Clear Ballot employs advanced software in its voting solution along with commercial-off-the-shelf-scanners that capture an electronic image of each ballot cast. With the electronic images, the ClearVote system allows the Clerk and Recorder´s Office to quickly and efficiently tabulate and report election results. Each individual ballot and the overall results of the election can be reviewed by the Clerk´s office, election observers and the public to ensure full transparency and accountability in the tabulation process.

Boston-based Clear Ballot was founded in 2009 and is an emerging leader in election technology innovation.