Adacel to supply Columbian AF with ATC tower simulator

Adacel Systems Inc. has been awarded a contract to supply an air traffic control (ATC) tower simulator system (TSS) to the Colombian Air Force, the company said.

The Adacel MaxSim TSS will include four trainee positions for local control, ground control, flight data and radar control. The simulator includes Adacel´s speech recognition system. A comprehensive instructor operating station (IOS) provides instructors with complete pseudo pilot functionality and the capability to control and modify the running scenario.

The MaxSim simulator will be deployed to Bogota, Colombia. Instructor and operator training on the system functions will be conducted by Adacel on site at the installation facility following delivery.

Adacel´s ATC simulators are designed to provide air traffic controllers with hands-on practice that provide proficiency training to assist controllers achieve and maintain their certifications.

Adacel is a developer of advanced simulation and training solutions, speech recognition applications and operational air traffic management systems.