Ada Named a Leader in Chatbot Software

Ada, the market leader for Automated Customer Experience, has recently been named a Leader by G2 in the Chatbot Software category, the company said.

As the world´s review site for business solutions, G2 Research scores vendors based on Market Presence and Satisfaction collected from verified reviews from real users. G2´s Fall Grid Reports determine category Leaders based on industry-leading scores in both metrics, with no influence or direction from vendors.

Guided by Ada´s Automated Customer Experience consultants, enterprise organizations like Upwork, Telus and AirAsia rely on Ada´s category-leading technology and award-winning team to support an automation-first strategy that drives efficiency, customer satisfaction and increased upsell revenue.

As the market provider of Automated Customer Service (ACX), Ada is the only chatbot platform purpose-built to support an automation-first customer service strategy.