Actual Worldwide E-commerce Statistics 2021

Exactly® payment system is a partner of a large number of enterprises, most of which are representatives of e-commerce. A payment system in e-commerce helps make payments comfortable and simple for users. Its mission is to guarantee the accuracy of payment processing, a high number of confirmed transactions, and a stable cash flow.  According to Exactly® current statistics, an online business began to develop hard in the mid-2020 and for 7 months of 2021. It formed some new trends. Let’s see.

The Number of Online Buyers Has Grown

People are finally used to buying online. They believe that it is convenient, safe, and quick. So, a forecast from Statista says: by the end of 2021, the number of online buyers will exceed 2.14 billion. 

At the same time, experts calculated that 18% of all purchases in 2020 were performed on the Internet. This year, it’s 19.5% already. Therefore, if you still doubt whether to buy a product or service on the Internet, all the answers are already in front of you.

Online Stores Noted That CTR Has Decreased

The reason is higher competition. So, it makes us think about additional motivation for regular customers and the application of new marketing approaches:

  • Adapt the site for correct display on mobile devices. The data provided by Global Stats Statcounter suggest that since the beginning of 2020, the number of mobile users and purchases made via mobile devices accounted for more than half of total sales.
  • Give more product images. Sites offering an overview of their products in a 360-degree projection raised their sales by 250% per year. A little less managed to achieve those who used video reviews.
  • Use pop-ups. Don’t be too obsessive with it but remember that pop-ups on some pages increase the conversion by 4.76%.
  • Turn on cookies and remind users about the abandoned cart. 21% of users return to complete the purchase on the site after receiving a letter with a reminder.

And, most importantly, give people the opportunity to pay for the purchase conveniently. Payments from e-wallets have become the main payment method in 2020.

A variety of payment methods allows you to reduce the percentage of failures. Use the Exactly® payment system to receive local and international payments, and you will discover the new positive online shopping experience for your visitors.