Actiontec launches wireless interactive digital whiteboard

Actiontec Electronics has launched ScreenBeam Touch 90–a wireless interactive digital whiteboard, using the wireless display capabilities of Windows 10 Continuum, Touch 90 to connect wirelessly students, teachers, trainers and businesspeople to the whiteboard, the company said.

The Touch 90 is both a shared screen and a fully functional whiteboard. It transforms collaboration by first removing the physical limitations of sharing a single whiteboard, and then by removing the wires from the equation. Now, all collaborators on Windows 10 devices can connect to the Touch 90 to share additions and edits to whiteboard material as well as view and save input to the whiteboard on their individual screens, in real-time.

Actiontec Electronics develops broadband-powered solutions that connect people to the Internet, applications, and content they care about. The company´s products include gigabit ethernet fiber routers, high speed VDSL gateways, industry-leading Wi-Fi technology, wireless display solutions, and home networking products.