Actility powers LoRaWAN IoT Networks in Estonia, Latvia

Actility, the front-runner in large-scale Low Power Wide Area Networks (LPWAN), is powering the roll-out of two more nationwide LoRaWAN networks: in Latvia, working alongside leading Latvian telecommunications and IT provider Lattelecom; and in Estonia, where the company is partnering with Levikom, the service provider at the forefront of wireless broadband, media and corporate IT infrastructure, the company said.

The launch in Estonia represents the world´s first “open value chain” IoT network.

To deliver this ground-breaking business proposition, Levikom and Actility will upgrade the NORAnet network across Estonia to offer 2nd generation carrier-grade IoT connectivity services with multiple radio access, also enabling high-value geolocation services powered by LoRa devices and wireless technology from Semtech (Nasdaq:SMTC).

In Latvia Lattelecom, with the support of Actility has begun the roll out of a nationwide LoRaWAN network. It has been successfully tested in Riga, where full coverage will be deployed as the first stage of the project, aiming to make Latvia´s capital one of the smartest cities in Europe. Wider roll out will continue based on interest from city authorities and enterprises, with national coverage expected to be completed in 2018.

The network infrastructure, powered by Actility´s ThingPark Wireless IoT solution, enables the implementation of Smart City solutions, Machine-to-Machine connectivity and new digital applications. In Smart City applications, the network will offer services including remote reading of meters, acquisition of environmental data, street light control, smart parking systems and intelligent waste management solutions.