Acme AtronOmatic updates MyRadar

Acme AtronOmatic, LLC said it has made a significant update to its popular MyRadar Weather Radar app with numerous new features and capabilities.

First in the lineup, Meteorologist Insights is an innovative new feature which allows the company´s full-time meteorologists to illustrate specific, localized weather patterns directly within the MyRadar app.

“It´s essentially a broadband ´telestrator´, just like you might expect to see on a traditional weather broadcast on TV,” said Andy Green, president of the company. “Our staff of in-house meteorologists can highlight specific weather phenomena right through the app, sharing their professional insight as to what causes certain weather patterns and offering timely, relevant details on expected weather and potential outcomes.”

The Meteorologist Insights feature is part of the basic MyRadar package and is available on iOS and Windows, and is forthcoming on the Android versions of the app.

Also announced, the MyRadar Apple Watch app has been released. The app provides convenient, quick glances and instant views of the radar around the user´s immediate area, as well as current conditions and in-depth forecast for the user´s current location. The Watch app takes advantage of MyRadar´s proprietary high-definition radar that users have come to appreciate in the full mobile app.

Additionally, a new animated “surface winds” feature has been released for the Android and iOS versions of the app. The new feature animates surface winds around the United States showing both direction and intensity in a visual display, and provides additional insight to the weather conditions around the country. The animated wind data, combined with animated radar data, provides a more complete picture of the weather patterns and how they play out throughout the region.

Acme AtronOmatic has been developing innovative software since 2000 in markets such as aviation, weather, and social networking. ACME has offices and development teams in Orlando, Florida, and Portland, Oregon.