Wings Over the Rockies to open Boeing Blue Sky Aviation Gallery

The Wings Over the Rockies´ Boeing Blue Sky Aviation Gallery has announced it will open its doors at Centennial Airport in Englewood, California on July 21, 2018, the company said.

After almost a decade of planning and fundraising the aerospace attraction will be South Denver Metro´s newest and most captivating attraction.

The 19,000 square foot facility will provide visitors with a dynamic look at the world of aviation. Open to the public three days per week, guests will have access to interactive and educational exhibits, spaces to watch airplanes at the second busiest general aviation airport in the nation and even listen to chatter from Centennial tower.

The Boeing Blue Sky Aviation Gallery is phase one of Wings Over the Rockies Exploration of Flight, a unique-to-the-nation campus offering visitors incredible experiences and educational opportunities focused on aerospace.

Wings Over the Rockies is a Colorado-based non-profit organization dedicated to educating and inspiring all people about aviation and space endeavors of the past, present and future. By utilizing the Air & Space Museum in Denver´s historic Lowry neighborhood to preserve the past and the Exploration of Flight Center at Centennial Airport to focus on the present and future.