Loveland Innovations introduces drone-based inspection and bidding tech

Loveland Innovations®, maker of advanced data analytics software and drone-based data gathering tools, has announced its solution, IMGING®, the company said.

Though Loveland Innovations began by focusing on improving the claims process for insurance companies, the technology it developed for automated drone-inspections and thorough, detailed roof reports put them in a unique position. As they worked with various restoration professionals specializing on the roofing side of the claims process, they learned that their technology had just as much value for roofers as it did for insurance professionals.

Now, with components and features built specifically for them, roofers can take advantage of this ground-breaking technology to create more competitive, professional bids, while also increasing the speed of inspections, and closing more business.

Loveland Innovations adapted IMGING for the roofing industry to help roofers close more jobs. Using automated drones, roofers can inspect a roof in as little as five minutes, derive measurements inside the app, and view 3D models of the entire property for a quick overview. They can produce professional roofing reports including ultra-high-resolution photos of damage, measurements, and other details, and share them with customers.

Outside of the benefit of reporting, IMGING keeps estimators safely on the ground, and improves the accuracy of their bids by providing highly accurate measurements of every individual facet — even on steep or complex roofs.

IMGING can be purchased as a complete software + kit solution or as an app to run on your existing hardware. Those who already have a DJI® Phantom 4 Pro drone and cellular-enabled iPad® can purchase the software or hardware they need to start improving their inspection speeds, staying safer, and most importantly, winning more work.

Loveland Innovations gives roofers and insurance professionals a safer, faster way to create estimates or build new policies. By combining automated drones and deep learning systems, they can gather the data they need and make informed decisions in minutes.