JetSmarter offers pay-as-you-go option to increase accessibility to private air travel

Private aviation community JetSmarter has announced the extension of their flight services to the public with a pay-as-you-go pricing model, the company said.

This flexible, no-strings-attached model will give all app users access to JetSmarter flight services, without the commitment and annual fee of membership.

With this access, users can book individual seats at market non-member rates, as well as enjoy the ability to create shared and private flights, backed by JetSmarter´s low-price guarantee. Flight creation — previously only available to members — gives fliers the freedom to select the aircraft, departure time and the number of seats needed; and save thousands by sharing extra seats with fellow fliers.

JetSmarter is a global community of fliers that prefer an elevated travel experience. The company offers an innovative alternative to the dated and overpriced services offered in private aviation today; all while challenging the commercial aviation industry through competitive pricing and an unparalleled flight experience. Using a sharing economy model, JetSmarter gives users the unlimited ability to create flights on-demand or book individual seats on flights created by fellow fliers — all while saving thousands compared to traditional private travel.