3DR chooses Uplift Data Partners as preferred commercial drone provider

3DR has selected Uplift Data Partners as its preferred data capture pilot provider for 3DR´s preferred commercial drone, the company said.

3DR will leverage Uplift Data Partners´ extensive network of experienced pilots to help their customers capture 2D and 3D imagery using their drone software, Site Scan.

Site Scan is a complete drone data platform built for construction and engineering firms of all sizes. It works with a variety of drones and makes it easy to autonomously capture aerial imagery, create and analyze high-resolution maps and 3D models, and share them with key stakeholders. While most 3DR customers have their own in-house drone program, the company found its customers often require the flexibility to access a network of on-demand pilots for additional support. 3DR selected Uplift Data Partners to enhance and support Site Scan because of the company´s extensive network of commercial-grade drone pilots and its deep expertise of compliance and regulatory guidelines. Together, the companies present a 360-degree approach in their sales, business development, and product efforts, providing construction customers a full solution to solving both the first and last mile challenges.

Uplift Data Partners´ turn key platform strategically matches highly trained commercial drone pilots with enterprise clients, enabling them to scale their drone data capture needs. The platform seamlessly solves for compliance, airspace, and dispatch of commercially trained pilots at the touch of a button. Uplift´s pilot network is the commercially trained and insured pilot network, guaranteeing that every drone pilot meets our enterprise client requirements.

3DR is a drone technology company based in Berkeley, California. Its flagship product, Site Scan, is a complete drone data platform built for construction and engineering professionals to help them build and manage the physical world. Site Scan, a secure, scalable platform, makes it safer and easier than ever for commercial and enterprise users to collect and process aerial data, perform inspections, and improve business operations.