Accommodations Plus International partners with ClearPoint, Invus to expand technology offerings

Accommodations Plus International (“API”) has announced its investment partnership with ClearPoint Investment Partners and Invus Opportunities, the company said.

The strategic and capital resources of ClearPoint and Invus will enable API to expand its technology suite of products and services to continuously improve the efficiency of accommodations management, while delivering a quality and reliable experience to crew members and distressed passengers.

API´s serves more than 70 airline, cargo, and cruise clients with a vast network of over 100,000 hotels globally. Through its advanced business intelligence software solutions and multi-disciplined team, the company lowers the total cost of accommodations and logistics to its clients, while providing an attractive distribution channel to its hotel partners.

Accommodations Plus International is a provider of crew accommodations and logistics services to airline industry and other commercial travel clients. API offers an innovative and powerful combination of crew accommodation services delivered through a state-of-the-art technology platform, unique software solutions, and a highly experienced team of service professionals.