Accenture helps Airbus improve A33 line productivity

Accenture (NYSE: ACN) has deployed its remote-support offering at Airbus to help the aircraft manufacturer improve productivity and reduce costs in real-time on the final assembly line (FAL) of its A330 airliner.

Accenture´s remote-support offering is a smartphone application that enables a fast, high-quality and secure video communication between a mobile operator on the aircraft and support experts in the back office. Using SightCall´s video technology, the offering enables the expert in the back office to clearly understand the issue and then guide the mobile operator through a resolution quickly and securely.

This helps Airbus improve operations through faster decision-making and less non-productive time, ultimately lowering assembly costs.

Historically when an issue was detected, email, photos and other forms of media shared to highlight and resolve the problem were asynchronous. As a result, the time to react to the issue increased. Accenture´s remote-support now allows workers to simply click a button to reach the right person for expert help immediately, eliminating the need to spend time traveling between locations.

The application boosts productivity and provides Airbus employees with a better working environment. In fact, 96 percent of users confirmed that the remote-support offering enabled them to solve an issue more quickly, with the average time to resolve issues reduced by 60 minutes.

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