Academy of Certified Professional Managers switches to online operations

The Academy of Certified Professional Managers (ACPM) has celebrated its tenth anniversary in 2019. In his welcoming speech to members, ACPM Director Richard Oliphant said that they need to gleen the best from the experience of our senior fellow organisations as well as utilising modern tools to influence key business professionals.

It was concluded that the Academy needs to focus its efforts on the professional development of managers, as well as to establish links with foreign partners to achieve common goals, which were identified as follows:

  • Promotion of professional management in private non-public companies.
  • Development and transformation of companies at a more advanced level through digitalisation to provide a pool of relevant knowledge and skills in finance.
  • Management, use of fintech tools, and implementation of digital innovations for specialists that are open for personal development.
  • To train managers in compiling professional experience with digital opportunities.
  • To prepare specialists to acquire multi-level skills to be able to strengthen their career positions.

It was also decided that in 2020-2021, ACPM will announce accreditation options for educational companies and training centres aimed at mutually strengthening existing brands and promote the ideas and programmes of the Academy. It was almost a year ago.

The ACPM held its first online meeting for the members of the Academy and its associates on April 28th. The topic of discussion was the future working format of the Academy and the challenges faced by the  industry during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The imposed quarantine prompted the ACPM members to act quickly. Whatever hopes may be for a quick return to the usual rhythm of life, it was realised that the pandemic may still be there until the end of the year, thereby affecting  many plans and processes. 

 Due to the lockdown, the Academy decided to run the meeting  – and move its operations – online. The meeting was attended by the ACPM Director Richard Oliphant, his assistants, members of the Academy, and former work acquaintances from Tech City.

The following key issues were addressed:

  • Business monitoring during the pandemic.
  • Tools to support communication and productive operations of ACPM.
  • Further ACPM business plans for late 2020 and 2021.

The meeting resolved that:

  • It is still difficult to monitor the current state of business in the unprecedented conditions of the pandemic. Retail is under tremendous customer pressure and is looking for ways to increase productivity. The remaining areas have relocated their staff to work from home. On the one hand, this possibility has opened up promising areas of development. It has also demonstrated low levels of soft skills and self-organisation of employees on the other hand. The change in working conditions will soon perfectly demonstrate the professionalism of managers and their ability to adjust.
  • ACPM has developed certification programs for professional managers in Great Britain. The pandemic and the working-from-home option prompted the academy to expedite the geographical expansion of its operations. It was decided to organise an online meeting to find partners and supporters.