Able Device and Limitless Mobile release SIMbae

Able Device, a pioneer in SIM-based IoT/M2M application technology, and Limitless Mobile, a pioneer in IMSI- and SIM-based wholesale connectivity for M2M/IoT as well as mobile-core-infrastructure-as-a-service propositions, will focus on “unleashing the power of the SIM,” the only standard component in all bespoke built mobile IoT devices, by embedding SIMbae Key Exchange Manager (S-KEM) and SIMbae Mobile IoT CPU (S-MIC), on Limitless Mobile SIMs (Subscriber Identity Modules) utilizing Limitless Mobile´s nationwide wholesale RAN connectivity, the company said.

These two high-value features illustrate SIMbae´s compliance with 3GPP standards and the GSMA´s guidelines for IoT application and security deployments.

The S-KEM demo shows the advantages of utilizing existing mobile network elements and standards to secure IoT devices and applications without requiring additional services or embedded components. In this demonstration, a Raspberry Pi acting as a remote device runs an IoT application that requires an updated secure login key.

The secret key is sent from a Key Exchange Server over the wireless network to a cellular module with a SIM running SIMbae. The SIM, having securely received the updated application key, passes the key to the Pi´s IoT application.

The S-MIC demo goes further in demonstrating the power of the existing, standard 3GPP compliant SIM when combined with SIMbae. A complete IoT application enabled with SIMbae is embedded on the SIM, in effect turning this standard network element into a standalone, secure, OTA updatable, IoT application processor, able to control machine functionality and communications.

Able Device is a provider of technology for Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) and IoT service providers. Its flagship product SIMbaeâ„¢ (short for “SIM based application engine”) enables hosting of IoT device controls and applications on standard SIMs. In this new architecture, the SIM is transformed to an intelligent independent processor.

As SIMbae utilizes established and common 3GPP SIM standards, IoT controls and applications implemented this way become device and carrier agnostic – with benefits including shorter time to market, reduced development cost, lower operating cost, and improved security. Based in Raleigh, NC, Able Device serves mobile network operators globally. For more information, visit

Limitless Mobile is a new type of infrastructure, solutions and services provider for M2M/IoT service providers, MVNOs, carriers and enterprises looking to leverage the next generation of innovations in their mobile propositions. Limitless Mobile creates value for its customers through leveraging a unique mix of license, infrastructure and commercial assets to create new solutions for old challenges as well as enable completely new propositions. The Limitless Mobile team brings together experience from launching mobile services, including more than 100 MVNOs across over 30 markets spanning the globe. For more information, visit