ABBYY to Develop Artificial Intelligence Solutions

ABBYY, a Digital Intelligence company, has announced the launch of NeoML, an open-source library for building, training, and deploying machine learning models, the company said.

Available now on GitHub, NeoML supports both deep learning and traditional machine learning algorithms. The cross-platform framework is optimized for applications that run in cloud environments, on desktop and mobile devices. The combination of higher inference speed with platform-independence makes the library ideal for mobile solutions that require both seamless customer experience and on-device data processing.

As open source becomes a staple in the development of mission-critical software, with 95% of IT leaders asserting that it is strategically important, ABBYY aims to support advancements in artificial intelligence by open-sourcing its machine learning framework. Developers can use NeoML to build, train, and deploy models for object identification, classification, semantic segmentation, verification, and predictive modeling, in order to achieve various business goals.

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