ABBA Logic chooses Echelon for security access control products

Echelon Corp (NASDAQ: ELON) embedded IIoT solutions have been chosen by ABBA Logic in its upgrade to access control products, the company said.

Echelon´s 6050 processors enabled ABBA Logic to increase the speed, simplify the design, improve IP connectivity and reduce the size and manufacturing costs of its new control panels.

The panels work with the company´s sophisticated managed automation security controls (MASC) HMI software to provide integrated security and building control solutions. Together this makes ABBA Logic´s controls extremely competitive and accessible to more customers in a variety of secure facilities.

ABBA Logic´s unique combination of access control and programmable logic controllers (PLCs) provide security integrators with off-the-shelf customizable solutions that can be used with a variety of software front ends without a large service commitment.

Using Echelon´s new technology, ABBA Logic now is able to reduce the number of processors required in their devices while increasing the number of secure physical access points that can be controlled by one controller. In addition, with the advanced distributed processing capabilities of the 6050, more access points can be controlled on a single cable run.

For 25 years Echelon has pioneered the development of open-standard networking platforms for connecting, monitoring and controlling devices in commercial and industrial applications.