A4FS calls for action on aviation seat dumping by UAE, Qatar

Americans for Fair Skies (A4FS) has commended President Trump for his action calling for a federal investigation into foreign steel arriving into the United States, and calls for the President to take similar action on aviation seat dumping by the the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Qatar, the coalition said.

When the President spoke about steel dumping, he could have easily swapped the word “steel” with the word “aviation,” and the message would have been the same. As with the steel dumping that the President identified as a threat to US national security and the US economy, airline seat dumping, currently being practiced by two Gulf nations, UAE and Qatar, is having a devastating impact on US workers and their employers. The dumping of seat capacity into routes in the US with the intention of undermining the US economy also has massive national security implications that must be addressed.

The largest trade violation in history — over USD 50bn in subsidies to three airlines by two nations — deserves the attention of President Trump. By fueling their airlines with state money, the UAE and Qatar have allowed their airlines to grow artificially outside market-based economics. For each daily international airline route lost or forgone by US airlines to unfair competition, over 1,500 US jobs are lost.

The evidence of the USD 50bn in aviation subsidies to their airlines by the UAE and Qatar has been public for over two years.

Americans for Fair Skies is a grassroots coalition of airline and business travelers, aviation employees, consumer groups, industry, and labor.