A4A supports approval of 7th sustainable aviation fuel annex

Airlines for America (A4A) has announced its approval of the addition of a seventh pathway to ASTM International´s sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) specification, the company said.

The annex, D7566, will further enable the use of SAF by the US airlines.

ASTM International, a standards-development organization, approved and published the new annex to D7566 with support from the Commercial Aviation Alternative Fuels Initiative® (CAAFI), which A4A co-founded in 2006.

Annex A7 establishes criteria for the production and use of a type of synthesized paraffinic kerosene from hydroprocessed hydrocarbons, esters and fatty acids (HC-HEFA-SPK). The standard provides that HC-HEFA-SPK fuel, which was developed by IHI Corporation, may be blended at up to 10 percent by volume with conventional jet fuel.

A4A the industry trade organization that advocates on behalf of the leading US airlines, both passenger and cargo carriers.