A4A discusses COVID-19 with US Vice President Pence

Airlines for America (A4A) has announced it met with Vice President Mike Pence to discuss pragmatic, efficient solutions to assist the US government in addressing the coronavirus health emergency, the company said.

Also included in the meeting were CEOs from several US passenger carriers.

The health, safety and security of passengers and crew is — and always will be — the top priority of US airlines, which is why the aviation industry has been engaged with the CDC, DOT, HHS and other federal agencies, since the early stages of this crisis. A4A has provided the US government with solutions to help contain and stop the spread of the novel coronavirus, even offering to pay for the implementation of a website and mobile app, which would be the quickest way to obtain verifiable and accurate contact data.

Airlines for America (A4A) advocates on behalf of the American airline industry as a model of safety, customer service and environmental responsibility and as the indispensable network that drives our nation´s economy and global competitiveness.A4A works collaboratively with the airlines, labor, Congress, the Administration and other groups to improve aviation for the traveling and shipping public.