A4A appeals to Congress to decline increasing airport taxes

Airlines for America (A4A) has announced it has urged Congress to focus on the nation´s real infrastructure needs — like crumbling roads and deteriorating bridges — rather than digging deeper into the pockets of American travelers to pad the coffers of well-funded airports, the company said.

Across the country, more than USD 200 billion has been invested in runway, terminal and cargo facility expansions and renovations as well as other amenities — all without a tax hike.

Airports are in record-setting financial condition:
• USD 3.6 billion: PFC taxes collected from air travelers in 2018 — an all-time high
• USD 7 billion: The unobligated balance currently sitting in the Airport Trust Fund. The Congressional Budget Office estimates the Airport Trust Fund will hold USD 30 billion in surplus funds by 2030.
• USD 16 billion: The amount of unrestricted cash and investments airports are currently sitting on
• USD 3.18 billion: The amount of airport improvement grants distributed by the Department of Transportation last Fall

Airports are diverting billions of dollars already collected from travelers to pay for pet projects instead of putting that money toward infrastructure needs.

Travelers already paid USD 6.9 billion in airport taxes last year. An increase in airport taxes is not only unnecessary, it is also overwhelmingly unpopular among voters. Eighty percent of participants in a recent poll oppose increasing the cost of flying and feel that their money is being diverted from our true infrastructure needs.

Airlines for America advocates on behalf of the American airline industry, and works collaboratively with the airlines, labor, Congress, the Administration and other groups to improve aviation for the traveling and shipping public.