A3 by Airbus, AUVSI urge development of industry standards for urban air mobility

A3 by Airbus, in cooperation with AUVSI, has called on aviation and aerospace industry leaders, regulators, and technologists to cooperate in developing standards for self-piloted passenger aircraft and the regulatory pathways required to make large-scale automated passenger flight possible in urban areas, the company said.

A3 and AUVSI last week held a workshop at the Airbus Experience Center in Washington, DC, that included key participants from the Federal Aviation Administration, industry groups, and aviation companies, in order to focus on developing solutions in two key regulatory areas, certification and air traffic management.

Autonomous passenger aircraft currently have no clear path to certification. Regulators and industry leaders must partner to develop certification pathways specific to these types of aircraft, including airworthiness standards for Vertical Takeoff and Landing (VTOL), electric propulsion, fly-by-wire systems, software and sense-and-avoid systems.

These vehicles will require safe, secure, and scalable air traffic management solutions to enable point-to-point self-piloted operations. A3 is preparing to launch a project which will take a closer look at a real-time system trajectory management system that could one day allow airborne vehicles of all sizes and classes to share a common airspace and operate safely.

A3 by Airbus (A-cubed) is the advanced projects and partnerships outpost of Airbus in Silicon Valley, with a mission to disrupt Airbus and the rest of the aerospace industry.

The Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International (AUVSI) is a nonprofit organization devoted exclusively to advancing the unmanned systems and robotics community. With members from government organizations, industry and academia, the AUVSI fosters, develops, and promotes unmanned systems and robotic technologies. AUVSI provides opportunities for information exchange, networking, and business development and is a resource for learning about unmanned systems and robotics, and for staying abreast of the latest program and technology updates.