79 year-old Delta flight attendant files wrongful termination suit

Shegerian and Associates, an employee rights firm, has announced a 79 year-old Delta flight attendant with five decades of experience, has filed a wrongful termination suit against the company, following years of reported harassment, discrimination and retaliation based on age and sex, the company said.

Ida Gomez Llanos worked for the airline for 57 years, and was dubbed the top flight attendant in Los Angeles, and among the top five nationwide. She was terminated at the age of 79, following years of exemplary customer service.

Llanos, as the lawsuit alleges, earned highly coveted work-related privileges as a result of her years of service that caused resentment in younger staff who were vying for the same privileges, which led to various forms of retaliation. The perks Llanos had earned included the ability to be first to choose flights, as well as the ability to take on additional flights.

Prior to her termination, Llanos experienced age and sex based discriminatory, retaliatory and harassing conduct by supervisors and coworkers, as well as bullying and false accusations by coworkers. Despite lodging written complaints to the company, the conduct Llanos sustained was not remedied.

In April, Llanos was wrongly cited for removing a carton of milk (she had previously purchased from a supermarket prior to boarding) from an aircraft. As a result, she was suspended, and later terminated.

Her lawsuit alleges wrongful termination based on her age and gender as motivating factors, among other claims.

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