7 Financial Benefits of Getting Involved with Cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrency is disrupting a lot of industries, and it is going to disrupt more. A lot of investors are investing less in traditional markets and investing more in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Some investors have graduated from earning a little side income from cryptocurrency to earning a complete livelihood from it. Some investors bought Bitcoin in 2015 for about £143 per coin. By December 2017, the value of Bitcoin was about £14,289. That’s a profit of about £14,146 per coin! How many investments can give that level of returns? Very few. Some analysts even predict that the value of Bitcoin could become as high as £71,445 in the future.

Other cryptocurrencies like Electroneum, Ripple, and Ethereum have also performed well, and those that invested in them have had massive returns. You should seriously look at investing in cryptocurrency as it provides a lot of incredible benefits that you can’t get from other investments.  Here are some investment approaches to cryptocurrency.

1. Buy low and sell high:

You can buy cryptocurrency at low prices and sell them at high prices. There are a lot of ICO (initial coin offering) that you can partake of. You can buy cryptocurrency at low prices and sell them when their prices get high. But you should be wary as there are a lot of scam ICOs. You should only buy cryptocurrency that is backed by reputable people. Listen to your guts, and you can make a killing.

2. Cryptocurrency mining:

You might have heard of this. You can go from small-scale mining to owning large mining firms. You need to purchase high-end GPUs with good cooling systems, download the respective apps for the cryptocurrency and start mining. Mining involves the use of powerful computers to solve complex calculations that fuel the blockchain. You get rewarded in cryptocurrency for using your computer system as a cryptocurrency miner.   

3. Cryptocurrency cloud mining:

This is a unique approach to cryptocurrency mining. Instead of buying the hardware yourself and paying for energy bills., you can pay to engage in cryptocurrency cloud mining. With this approach, you rent mining hardware from cloud mining operators for a small fee. This is a good way of earning money passively. You don’t need to buy any equipment, and you don’t need to monitor anything. You invest in a mining contract that lasts for a period of time, and you get your rewards.  

4. Bitcoin peer-to-peer lending:

One good way of investing in cryptocurrency is peer-to-peer lending. You lend individuals, startups and businesses money and you then get your money back with high interest rates. You can get as much as 20% returns on your investment. Cryptocurrency passive income is highly possible with this investment approach.

5. Create an ICO:

Do you know that you can create your own Initial Coin Offering? If you have a great idea and you can think about a new problem that cryptocurrency can solve, you can create an ICO. You need to come up with a great idea, create a whitepaper, publicize your ICO and get other investors to invest in your idea. Platforms like Ethereum are good for creating your own ICO.

6. Create a cryptocurrency exchange platform:

Cryptocurrency is changing a lot of things, but there are some areas that it has yet to touch. A lot of cryptocurrency exchange platforms have issues that need to be resolved. Some do not trade in certain currencies, and some are plagued with long transaction times and other things. You can create a cryptocurrency exchange platform that can solve a lot of issues. Probably, your local currency is not included by some exchangers. Work with good computer programmers and developers. Come up with something secure and unique, and you will see a lot of people using your platform. You can make a lot of money from transaction fees.

7. Hold NEO and earn GAS:

NEO is a blockchain platform that allows investors to create smart contracts. NEO is one of the most promising blockchain projects in the market. If you hold your cryptocurrency in an official NEO wallet, you will receive free Gas tokes for helping to run the network.


There is a lot of money to be made from cryptocurrency. If you are a smart investor, you can enter the market now and make a lot of money. But you need to be careful, so you don’t lose your hard-earned money. Take your time and study the investment thoroughly before putting your money in it.