7-ELEVEN, Tapingo partner to bring on-demand delivery to college market

7-Eleven, Inc. said it has announced a new partnership with Tapingo to launch on-demand delivery of 7-Eleven® products in the college market.

Tapingo users at or near the participating colleges in California, Arizona, Pennsylvania, Ohio and Maryland can now enjoy delivery of 7-Eleven products from select, neighboring 7-Eleven stores.

Focusing on the college market, Tapingo has built strong relationships with more than 100 colleges that use Tapingo to enhance student life. By working closely with forward-looking campuses that prioritize student engagement, Tapingo helps broaden the reach of campus dining services to satisfy the needs of students.

Tapingo users can browse the 7-Eleven aisles through the app and have their items delivered quickly and efficiently.

Tapingo works with campus dining, food-service companies and national brands to enhance the student experience by providing advanced, mobile food-ordering, pick up and delivery. Currently serving 46 markets from Alaska to Florida, Tapingo is known on campuses for saving college students time. With the average user transacting daily, Tapingo has become the buy-button for the college market.

Since its founding in 2012, Tapingo has leveraged mobile technology to improve the buying experience and solve a key problem for students: lack of time. Using Tapingo´s cutting edge mobile technology, users can browse menus, order and pay, then schedule pickup or have their order delivered.

7‑Eleven, Inc. is the premier name and largest chain in the convenience retailing industry. Based in Dallas, Texas, 7‑Eleven operates, franchises or licenses some 10,700 7‑Eleven® stores in North America.