6WIND gets NFV Innovation of the Year award

6WIND has integrated with Mirantis OpenStack to simplify joint customer deployments for high performance data centers and Network Function Virtualization Infrastructure (NFVI), the company said.

6WIND Virtual Acceleratorâ„¢, which is hypervisor acceleration software, will integrate an OpenStack Fuel plugin for increased application throughput and efficiency in KVM environments. Both companies have worked together to release a Mirantis certified 6WIND Virtual Accelerator Fuel plugin. Developed in open source, Fuel provides an intuitive, GUI-driven experience for deployment and management of a variety of OpenStack distributions and plugins.

Hypervisor bottlenecks reduce application performance, slowing adoption of NFV and limiting the scale of data centers beyond 10G. Based on DPDK, 6WIND Virtual Accelerator provides a packet processing solution for a full-featured and high performance virtual networking infrastructure allowing:

6WIND´s commercial software solves performance challenges for network vendors in telecom, enterprise and cloud infrastructure markets.