6sense gets patent for predicting B2B sales

6sense said that the United States Patent and Trademark Office has issued the company a patent, invented by CEO and founder Amanda Kahlow, covering a machine implemented system and method of predicting future sales, leads and opportunities based on static data and/or intent buying behavioral data by connecting data from one or multiple sources.

After a breakthrough year in 2015, with 3X growth in annual recurring revenue and new customers including ADP, Blue Jeans Network, Dell, Dropbox, HP, IBM and Salesforce, the patent validates 6sense´s unique formula and market leadership. 6sense´s rise as a thought leader and pioneer in the B2B predictive intelligence space is attributed to its innovative, patented full-funnel predictive solution and quantifiable results for its customers.

The 6sense patented approach enables, in certain embodiments, the collection of intent and/or static, profile fit data, transformation of unstructured data into structured data, calculation of buyer intent signals, mapping of unknown prospects to known buyers, and the ability to determine where buyers are in their journey (awareness, consideration, decision, purchase).

The patent supports what 6sense views as the future of B2B marketing and sales: Omni-channel connectivity, visibility, attribution and the predictions to target the right audience at the right time, when they have demonstrated a need and propensity to purchase.

This patent protects the core of 6sense´s platform, focusing on time-based activity data to help its customers understand when prospects are in the buying cycle for their products. 6sense´s network of intent data (blogs, communities, forums, trade publications) is connected to customers´ internal data sources (weblogs, CRM and marketing automation) to give them a full picture of all the buyers that are in-market for their solutions.