6 Reasons Why You Should Lease an Electric Car In 2021

In recent years the roads have welcomed more electric vehicles by the day. With their low emissions it is clear to see why they are favoured by so many motorists. However, electric vehicles can come at a cost and although they may be cheap to run, they are a financial commitment.

If buying an electric car outright is not on your agenda, then you shouldn’t rule out a car leasing deal. Not only can this help introduce you to different models, but it can also give you a unique driving experience. Here are five reasons why you should be considering an electric car lease in 2021.


As briefly mentioned, leasing an electric car can offer you a more manageable price tag than buying the car outright. For an agreed monthly sum, you can enjoy driving around in some of the latest electric vehicles at a fraction of the asking price. Leases typically last a few years at best. So, if you enjoy the switch to an electric vehicle the chances are you will be able to drive around in more than one new model during your lifetime. Leasing is particularly beneficial if you like to regularly upgrade your car as this is simple to do through your lease provider.

Leasing an electric vehicle also helps you budget more efficiently. You will agree on the length of your lease with your provider, and you will know how much your lease will cost you each month so there will be no extra costs which could put a financial strain on you.

Avoid Vehicle Depreciation

Leasing an electric vehicle can help to take away the financial burden of owning a car outright. Typically, over the years a car will depreciate in value. The beauty of a lease is you can enjoy the car for the duration of time that you have it for and then you hand it back over to the leasing company. It is likely that you can then move onto another new model of electric vehicle and keep up to date with the latest technologies.

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

One of the most obvious and desirable reasons for electric car leasing is the environmental benefits that it offers. Vehicles such as those offered by Pink Car Leasing tend to have zero fuel emissions so cause less pollution than petrol or diesel vehicles. Electric vehicles often come with the notion that you can drive your car guilt-free knowing you are reducing your carbon footprint. By choosing to drive an electronic vehicle you are helping to work towards a more environmentally-friendly way of life.

Ease Of Maintenance

It has been suggested that one of the big benefits of electric vehicles is their ease of maintenance. They tend to require less maintenance than a petrol or diesel vehicle so they will not need repairs as often. This can help keep the costs of running the vehicle low. In terms of leasing, you can often speak to your provider about a maintenance package so if an issue was to arise, they can resolve it for you.

Low Running Costs

In comparison to leasing a petrol or diesel vehicle, electric vehicles tend to have lower running costs. Charging stations are becoming more readily available to motorists and often they are free to charge. With the price of petrol and diesel constantly rising and falling it can be desirable to drive a vehicle that costs nothing to charge up. If you do have to pay to charge your electric vehicle then this cost will still be significantly lower than petrol/diesel.

Ranges Are Improving

When it comes to driving an electric vehicle one of the main concerns that motorists can have is towards the range of the vehicle. Will your car run out of charge when you are halfway down the motorway? The answer to that question is more than likely – no. Battery technology has significantly improved over the years with more electric vehicles being brought to market. Electric vehicles are now capable of reaching a wide range of miles with just one single charge.

Even the more affordable electric vehicles have an improved range. This can help put to bed any anxieties that you may have of not being able to reach your destination in your electric car.

With its impressive range of benefits, it is clear to see why electric vehicles are starting to be favoured more by motorists around the country. Leasing is a great way to enjoy the benefits that these vehicles can offer at a fraction of the asking price. With the option to lease an electric vehicle you can do your bit to help reduce fuel emissions in your area and as a result you can enjoy a unique driving experience in a brand new electric car.