5 things to note when choosing a VPS server


So, you decided to dive into the digital ocean and get a hold of a VPS for your website or any other project. Well, at first this step might be daunting since you never worked with a VPS before and the internet is full of various articles getting into the nitty-gritty technical details. Well, you are in luck, here are 5 most important things to note when choosing a VPS server:

1. Price and scalability

Everyone is naturally looking for a cheap VPS, since saving on expenses is always good. Yet if the price is lower, the quality decreases with it? That is not entirely true. Most, if not all, VPS providers offer a scalable solution to your server. Any time you need extra space or more computing power, you can just opt for an increase and continue with your work. This means that you should look for the best scalability and price ratio when considering using a VPS.

2. Server uptime

Server uptime shows you how reliable it is. The longer the uptime, the more time the machine has been up and running. And since it never went down for any technical issues this means that your provider is doing a great job in securing the server operations and taking care of the hardware.

3. Support availability

When looking for a good VPS best is to not settle for anything less than 24/7 support. You never know when something might go wrong and if, or when it does, you will need immediate assistance to keep your workflow steady. If an emergency happens, you need a real person on the other end to help you out and not just an FAQ page.

4. Choosing the right Operating System (OS)

Here you have two choices – Windows and Linux. Windows is the more popular one, ruling over the bigger market share with its products and services. This technology giant lets you easily manage your online server with many options of easy-to-understand interfaces. It is designed around ease of use for newcomers and veterans alike. On the other hand, we have Linux. Working with this OS you will need higher than basic knowledge of programming. Unlike Windows, Linux exchanges ease of use and streamlined design for high customizability. So, if you have experience working in the field and want more control over your VPS, Linux is the way to go.

5. The physical location

Although it is called a Virtual Private Server, the location of a server node matters. You should look for one that is based near you or your target audience. This will increase the loading speeds you experience and lower latency.

Now you have all the needed information to choose the right VPS provider for you!