5 new application partners join Telestax RestcommONE Marketplace

Telestax®, the Restcomm company, has announced that it has added five more application partners to the RestcommONE Marketplace™, the company said.

The RestcommONE Marketplace offers participating service providers a new business opportunity by providing in demand real-time applications and solutions that are integrated into the RestcommONE Platform.

Applications in the Marketplace are also available for purchase by any Enterprise or Business looking to add real-time communications to their applications and services. This new CPaaS-enabled computing paradigm blends traditional telecommunications with new enterprise applications to create and deliver real-time communications solutions that scale.

The RestcommONE Marketplace is currently in use by application partners and service providers world-wide. The new marketplace application partners feature a diverse range of high-value real-time applications including chatbots, artificial intelligence enhanced scheduling, and next-generation voice mail.

Telestax brings real-time communications into the mainstream. Its RestcommONE platform is scalable, highly available, and is the only WebRTC platform that supports cloud, on premise and hybrid deployment configurations. It is a privately held global company with headquarters in Austin, TX.