4WDM MSA Group Releases 20 km and 40 km Specifications

The 4WDM MSA Group has announced the release of the industry´s first specifications for 100G optical networks with 20 km and 40 km reaches using FEC (Forward Error Correction), the company said.

These specifications are critical for enabling cost-effective and low-power 100G networking in datacenter interconnects, mobile backhaul and other switch, router and transport client-side interfaces in core/metro/access networks where reach longer than 10 km is required.

The wavelengths used in the new 20 and 40 km specifications are based on the LAN-WDM grid, which is the same as used by the existing 100GBASE-LR4 and 100GBASE-ER4 standards.

The 4WDM MSA Group is an industry consortium dedicated to defining optical specifications and promoting adoption of interoperable 100G (4x25G) optical transceivers for 10 km based on the CWDM4 wavelength grid, and for 20 km and 40 km based on the LAN-WDM wavelength grid, over duplex single-mode fiber (SMF).