4 of the most common types of road traffic accidents

The vast majority of road users are aware of the laws put in place in order to avoid road traffic accidents. However, it only takes a split second to cause an accident, especially when driving at 70 mph. There are a wide array of causes and what results in road traffic accidents compensation claims but this article will focus on some of the most common causes.


The main culprit – and one most of us are guilty of – is speeding. A great number of fatal road accidents occur due to speeding. It’s unsurprising that an increase in speed multiplies the chances of a fatal collision. A high-speed vehicle has a braking distance much greater than that of a slower moving vehicle; thus, when a driver doing 70 mph slams on the brakes, it won’t stop straight away – unlike a driver doing 30 mph. Having the time to judge the road ahead and spot possible hazards is reduced significantly by speeding.

Drink driving

Alcohol and driving don’t mix. They never have and they never will. No matter how much the police up their drink driving campaigns and introduce higher fines, it still doesn’t deter some drivers. When a person is drunk, it inhibits their reaction time and therefore slows down their reflexes. Even if this is only by a millisecond, it can be the difference between life and death when on the road. The UK has taken a hard stance towards drink drivers; thanks to its zero-tolerance policy towards alcohol, there are fewer road traffic accidents.

Mobile phones

Mobile phones have been banned from behind the wheel for some time now, but this still doesn’t deter people from picking up their phone while driving. The time it takes to look away from the road, open your phone, accept a call and put your phone up to your ear could be the time it takes for you to steer off course and into a sidewalk. As phones have become more advanced and our daily life revolves around this piece of technology, it is more important now than ever for people to break that bad habit of using a phone while driving.

Road conditions

The condition of the road should always determine the way a driver drives. Sadly though, this is not always the case. Another common cause of road traffic accidents is the conditions of the roads themselves, whether it be an icy road or a road in need of repair. Drivers need to be cautious when driving on both these types of roads and always let the road conditions dictate their speed and style of driving.

These are some of the most common causes of road traffic accidents. However, the list is extensive and there are many more causes. The majority of these causes can be avoided if drivers follow road safety advice and adhere to the law. Drivers should always obey speed limits and other road signs, refrain from driving under the influence of alcohol, use their mobile phone only when the engine is switched off, and drive according to the conditions of the roads.