4 Get your money back from Binary Option Scams & CryptoCurrency Scams:

Binary options and cryptocurrency have become two major scam areas for these past years due to the growing number of traders and investors. These cybercrimes have a massive online presence and target millions if not billions of dollars of hard-earned money. Whether it’s an onecoin scam or a trading scam, the court won’t do much on settling the case since the operations are completely remote and virtual. Trading and crypto frauds are hardly solved and often end with permanent asset loss.

While the crimes are beyond the reach of national law and authorities, you need another solution to get your money back from binary options scams and scam bitcoin cryptocurrency. Hiring a professional recovery service could be the best option you can have but there are factors determining the success.  

Are You a Victim?

As you’re landing on this page and reading this third paragraph, we can assume that you might have been a victim of bitcoin scams or trading scams. Recouping the money you’ve deposited or invested in fraudulent sites would depend on multiple aspects. If you’re a victim of such scams, there’s a chance to get back some or most of your money while warning the others for not falling for the same frauds.

These are some steps of the precautions and recovery steps to get your money back from  scams in both areas:

Documentation Inventory

You need to keep documentation and records sent by and to crypto or binary options scammers. The inventory ideally covers the bank statements, emails, private messages, agreements or contracts, messages, trading records, and other supporting documentation. If you’re reporting fraud or filing a dispute on binary options scams or cryptocurrency investment, you should keep all of those records. The credit card issuer, card network, and authorities would review these documents and documentations to proceed with your refund request. Having a comprehensive documentation inventory makes you one step ahead.

Fund Request

Once you want to withdraw your money because of the possibility of being scammed, you can respectively request a refund from the broker. Both binary options and cryptocurrency brokers should respect your request as well. If they approve your refund or withdrawal request, then there’s no need to dispute the transaction. Before taking further steps, try requesting a refund directly from the broker.

However, you should need to be aware of the terms and conditions. Generally speaking, credit bonuses shouldn’t be used or need to be returned to make your fund request approved. If you think this is a fraud as the broker refuses to pay for illegitimate reasons, you may have to take the next steps.

Community Engagement

The community has a crucial role in binary options trading and cryptocurrency investment. Those sites develop trust through the community so they don’t want any negative review to appear on respective forums or binary options scam reviews for sure. At this point, you can consider using the community to amplify your concern on the fraudulent actions of a broker or a crypto site. You should ensure that you’ve built a strong base on your complaint and arguments to summon sympathy and concerns from community members. This would encourage the broker to refund your money rather than bury their own reputation.


It could be a generic solution but I always work to bring back your money from scammers. Commonly, binary options broker or crypto sites allow you to use your credit card for the payment. If you’re unable to get a refund from the broker even if you’ve complied with the TOS, you can report binary options scam list to your card issuer and request for a chargeback. Report the transactions as frauds or unauthorized to the card provider and/or the payment provider. Depending on the provider, they may suspend funds from that broker until your foreign currency investment scams case is settled. Follow the instructions provided to proceed with your chargeback request.

Alert The Authority

Depending on when you’re residing, but you can report any frauds on binary options and investing scams to the authority. These include FCA(UK), CFTC(US), CySec(Cyprus and EU), FSB(South Africa), and ASIC(Australia). When you can get a chargeback, you can simply alert the authority to review such fraudulent brokerage sites based on your cases. These authorities would pass your concern to brokers if they’re regulated sites. The authority would issue notification over these binary options and cryptocurrency scammers. They may also take further steps to block the site. However, they may not be able to help you with the refund if the sites aren’t regulated.  

Hiring Third Party Recovery Service

If you face a dead end in getting your money back from binary options scams and bitcoin mining scams online, you can consider hiring a third party recovery service. The recovery firm offers fund recovery with advanced investigative and forensic techniques. More people now hire third party recovery services as they lose money from binary options and cryptocurrency scams because of the real result. A recovery firm with a long establishment can handle diverse types of cases and assign an expert for the job.

Being Persistent and Consistent

Last but not least, getting your money back from scam investments could be a tedious task and a long process. Take advantage of the sources and facilities to amplify your concern about the fraudsters. With a persistent and consistent effort, not only would you get your money back but you can prevent the brokers from scamming their client again. They may get their operation ceased or blocked by the authority if they don’t settle the dispute and repay their traders or investors. If you give up, not only would lose your money, their scam operations would take more victims through their operation.

When you want to get your money back from binary options scams and cryptocurrency scams, there are staged solutions you can take. Before disputing, you can request a refund directly to the broker. If it doesn’t work, you can go for a chargeback, alert the authority, or hire a third party recovery firm.