3D MakerJet prototypes powderless wire-feed metal 3D printer

3D MakerJet Inc. (OTC: MRJT) said it has partnered with Chinese developer ZBOT/Guangzhou DNSPOWER Design Co. to develop powderless wire feed additive manufacturing.

After a year and a half in research and development, functioning prototypes using metal alloy filaments, including copper, have been reviewed and have successfully met industry standards. Concentrating on both laser and extruder 3D printers, 3D MakerJet is committed to metal development.

Simultaneously, 3D MakerJet is also working on a line of medical grade bioprinters.

3D MakerJet, Inc. is committed to the development, production and sales of plastic, medical, culinary and powderless metal 3D printers for the consumer, professional and small business markets. 3D MakerJet is supplied by ZBOT/Guangzhou DNSPOWER Design Co. LTD.