34 North Drones, IDS North America partner in radar detection system for airports

34 North Drones has announced it has partnered with IDS North America to offer and install NO-DRONE radar counter drone system for all government and civilian clients in need of protection, the company said.

The system is offered in response to recent threats of rogue and errant drones launched against airports and other critical facilities, infrastructure and events.

The NO-DRONE radar detection system evolved from a proven and existing military battlefield solution originally tuned to recognize small objects such as incoming mortar, artillery and rocket fire with the ability to detect, locate and track both fixed wing and rotorcraft UAVs, Class I category (mini or small) and larger. The system provides full 360° coverage, day or night, as well as in adverse weather conditions with the ability to detect dozens and, depending on configuration, hundreds of targets simultaneously.

The military, governments and certain federal agencies are authorized to use various optional drone mitigation technologies that can be integrated with the NO-DRONE system such as EMP, powerful multiband jamming, GPS spoofing or live fire systems to disable, redirect or destroy threats.

34 North Drones LLC provides drone sales, leasing, training, consulting, CUAS systems and is a highly specialized commercial drone service provider.