3.4 billion tags served across Tealium customer sites

Tealium said the company served up 3.4 billion tags on Cyber Monday, powering 80 percent more web traffic as compared to 2014.

Tealium was also named one of the Top Five Fastest Tags on Cyber Monday for the second year in a row by Ghostery, who analyzed real user tag latency metrics across the top 25 online retailers.

This year, more than 151 million people shopped from Thursday to Sunday according to the National Retail Federation (NRF), transforming Cyber Monday into a days-long Cyber Weekend event. The shopping season kicked off even earlier for Tealium customers, who experienced 73 percent more traffic than last year on Wednesday and 73 percent more on Thanksgiving Day.

Black Friday, while historically focused on in-store sales, saw nearly double the web traffic as compared to 2014, signaling that digital is playing an increasingly important role days before Cyber Monday.

Tealium is the leader in enterprise tag management and customer data solutions that power the real-time enterprise. Tealium´s industry-leading customer data platform includes tag management, cross-channel audience management, and a suite of rich data services. Leveraging Tealium´s open platform, marketers can create a unified customer view in real time; drive more profitable and relevant omnichannel interactions; and fuel the performance of business intelligence and data warehouse projects using the richest source of first-party data available.